Saturday, June 9, 2007
Summer has truly begun. Lauren has graduated from Kindergarten and has told me she is now "officially" a First grader. That would make Emma "officially" a Fifth grader.

The girls are both excited to go to California, see my mom, see Brianna and swim in mom's pool (not necessarily in that order).

Brad made it back from Toledo safely. The allergies/cold that started on him last week turned out to be Strep. He had a fever and a more pronounced swollen glad on Wednesday . Thursday the MD did a quick strep. That's what it either was or became. So far I feel OK. Although I was exhausted last night and woke up achy this morning. Hoping it was just working around the house aches. Keeping an eye on the girls. They seem to be fine and had seen him last week and this week and so far so good.

We had a nasty oppressively hot day Thursday and once that blew through we were left with perfect Summer 70's. The weekend is promised gorgeous and I am looking forward to putzing around the house, exploring out and about a little bit and cooking Summer foods.


Kate said...

When was it that they all grew up? It makes me feel out of date

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