Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mitch being Mitchy

Bella's Boyfriend
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What a strange week. The holiday is throwing me off. I keep forgetting which day of the week we are on. The weather is a little "muggy" and draining. Lauren continues to set off like Marco Polo. She is fearless. And I have had the third of what I am sure will be many "there are bad people out there" talks.... thick-headed stubborn willful thing that she is.... hmmm.... where on Earth does that come from? I wonder... must be her father!

For those of you who have not looked at Emma's site... it is well worth it. That she is only 10 and creatively writing the wonderfully kooky things she does. It is fun and I get a kick out of looking at each new entry. Hers is linked from mine.

Heading out to California to see Brianna and my mother in a week. It has been too long since I have seen my mother and gets no less difficult that Brianna is not here for me to see and talk to every day. She is 18 now. Where has all the time gone? I remember the night I went into labor. I remember several nights before that watching Scarface and damp mopping the floor at 2am. I remember so much and have forgotten much too. Bittersweet.

Brad leaves for Ohio to see his family for a few days. He, too, has not been home in a while. I will miss him but am happy he gets to be surrounded by people who love him (and that he will get to showcase Mitch for the first time). Hopefully the weather will cooperate for safe travel and I will be relieved when he is back home safe and sound. Trying to keep what seems to be allergies from turning into a cold before he leaves. Hoping that is all it is. He dutifully takes the meds I task him with. He is a good man and loves me in all my moody glory (well, I am thinking he would prefer the glory part with no moody, but loves me nonetheless).

A quiet weekend with Bella for me. Her knee is holding it's own. Even with trying to keep up with Mitch in the backyard.
Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Totem... Stained Glass Photo by Me

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Monday, May 28, 2007

Lauren... can whistle without trying?

Tooth number two... OUT... she was very excited and the tooth faerie came as expected. $2 this time ($5 with the first tooth). The even neater thing is that she is sitting here in bed with me reading this out loud to me as I write it. That is more exciting than the tooth.

She has done really well in Kindergarten... and despite her fliberty gibbit ways was a really good attentive student all year... having made it into the first grade words by January...

She has an explorer's spirit... and her need to set off to conquer our neighborhood is a little nerve wracking at times... despite repeated talks about sticking close to home, she had no problem striking out for new adventures and even less problem coming home dirtier than I have ever seen her (and you all know how much dirty damage this girl can get up to). I belive she needs a Lojack... or maybe an "Invisible Fence" collar... oops Lauren went over a block too far.... Zap! I remember being the same way... walking miles and miles to the park once in third grade... never coming home until dark... but as we all know... times have changed!

The weather Saturday was a little cool and rainy... Sunday was gorgeous and today, for the holiday, is promised even nicer...

Brad and I made a Middle Eastern inspired dinner Saturday... hummus (he made and it was really good), cucumber and Greek yogurt sauce (I think neither of us will have any worries about vampires for about a year with all the garlic I put into it), grilled lamb and chicken for kabobs, pita and some really yummy grape leaves from the local ethnic market near his house.

Sunday we grilled more with the girls... London Broil and Italian bread with garlic, mushroom Brie and smoked salmon with red onion and cucumber... Emma liked the Brie until she found out the dreaded mushrooms were hiding in there. Brad cooked the steak perfectly...

His knowledge of computers is daunting and comforting at the same time... I got a soft verbal scolding for not having my wireless secured... and he promptly, deftly took care of it for me...

Lauren is bouncing up and down for breakfast (the girl never eats.... ever... malnourished practically... NOT). And then some weeding before it gets too warm... Lauren has some sunflowers to plant that they started growing at school. Hoping those will continue on... I think she will get a kick out of how tall they get and how big the flowers grow!
Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The view from the top of the mountain is really quite beautiful.

Well... I made it! 40... Day One come and gone... A good friend pointed out to me yesterday though that I have actually begun my 41st year and the fifth decade of life. I believe my tongue and cheek response rhymed with witch...

The girls hopped into bed with me as soon as they woke up... excited to give me cards from them as well as Bella. They were very sweet, calling me the "Birthday Girl"...

The flowers in the picture are part of a gorgeous
arrangement from my very special fella, Brad.
He began my day by calling at 6 in the morning
to sing me Happy Birthday.
Saying he wanted to be the first to sing to me.
And made me smile all day
when he would call and say Happy Birthday
each time he called like it was shiny and new.

The day really did not bother me as much as I thought it would. It was nice hearing from family and friends and knowing I am cared for and connected to so many people.

We all went out for Sushi for dinner and walked along the Riverwalk. The night was mild and soft and I felt so happy and blessed to have such amazing people around me. Dinner was really good, including yummy Yellowtail. The server even brought Emma and Lauren edamame and rice to keep them busy (didn't ask for it, but the girls were not complaining). Lauren proceded to drop soy beans in her miso soup... but she got a kick out of trying to get the tofu... she seriously can't be my child willinging seeking out tofu!

After our walk we went to Ethel's Chocolate Lounge for a decadent chocolate berry cup... a white chocolate bowl with raspberries, blackberries and blueberries covered with milk chocolate. It was not too big and perfect for sharing and feeding each other... and despite not really liking black coffee... it was the perfect companion... Brad helped himself to several truffle samples (when I was not looking), looking like a little boy caught in the cookie jar when I caught him savoring the chocolate! The girls picked their desserts out at the retro candy shop down the street... sugar ... lots and lots of sugar... yet Lauren konked out in the car on the way home!

All and all it was really nice to be able to ease into 40 in such a low key way. I should be okay now until 50 rolls around.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

My Fourth Child


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What a nice weekend! The weather was perfect on Saturday. Took the girls for a walk along the river in Naperville. They had fun calling out all the different things they saw in the water: a golf ball, a cell phone, a fish... Lauren climbed the big hill by the carillon bell tower and just flitted from place to place like a butterfly. They met a "man" and his greyhound. They liked both the man and his dog. Which makes me happy.

Had dinner with my man. We wandered Caputo's Italian market for about an hour... picking and choosing yummy antipasti type foods: ended up with prociuto and melon, eggplant salad, olives, cheese, cubed Italian meats, bruccetta tomatoes and grilled Italian bread loaded with garlic... it was complexly simple. And a nice glass of Cabernet matched up well. He made really good espresso which we complimented with lemon oil.

Sunday was a little chillier, and we started our day with a hearty Mexican breakfasts... chilequiles for me and huevos rancheros for him. A little bit of Sunday paper reading and a day of retail exploration. IKEA... saw a couple things there I would like including a beautiful plum colored comforter and some larger house plants... I think he was amused by the sudden burst of coffee hyperactivity that disappeared as suddenly as it arrived. Then we looked at Bass Pro Shop... never would have thought to go there, but we had fun looking... I still think I should have purchased the lime green baseball cap that said "Kiss my Bass" in bling sequins...

Sunday night another nice dinner of steak and a goat cheese salad... more dangerously good grilled garlic bread... and some dark chocolate...

A fire in the fireplace and the Simpsons... an early and restful night sleep... it was a lovely day.

Today the weather was glorious as well... need to settle in and accept that responsible working adults need to be indoors working even when the day is calling to come out and soak up the suns rays and play...

Tomorrow I turn 40. On some levels it is a little sad. But when I look at what I have... 3 beautiful girls... the possibility of love... and looking damn good for my age... it's not so bad.
I guess I should fess up that it makes me feel good to have people tell me that I don't look anywhere near 39... it will sound even better when they say I don't look near 40... moisturize, moisturize, moisturize... and maybe drinking a bit more water than I do...
Saturday, May 19, 2007

Emma's Fish

I was so excited. Emma
brought a stack
of her artwork home.
Can't wait to get these all
framed and protected to
look at over and over.
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Emma's Laurel Burch Cat

I have been waiting for months to have this cat come home. I saw it when I went to her parent teacher conference in the Fall... this will be framed and placed with her other artwork on the wall. She amazes me!
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Friday, May 18, 2007

Let the Blogging begin...

To Blog or Not to Blog... THAT is the question...

To begin... you must take into consideration that you live a life less ordinary. A life that someone else would want to read about... not so sure about that... but the therapeutic benefits of self expression far outweigh the exhibitionist ones... or do they?

Today in itself was a therapy session... the weather was Heaven sent... and the need to be outside with my skin caressed and warmed by the sun was acute. Each time the weather changes from warm to cold back to warm again... I find myself with renewed cabin fever.

I love to drive with the sun streaming through the sun roof warming my cheeks... music loud and passionate... I am not afraid to sing at the top of my lungs... 4 windows open... fellow commuters be damned! Ryan Shaw is my new musical curiosity... bluesy, sexy, fun.

Was today an ordinary day? Not really... it began with soft stretches and coffee in bed... and 2 dogs bounding through the room and over the bed completely oblivious of size or pain inflicted.

No, the day began well... with a sense of contentment and lasted throughout the day.

There is a new fella in my life... to say more than that at this point to me seems like flirting with disaster. Or how the Native Americans feel about their pictures being taken and stealing their soul... All I can say... is I was not expecting him... yet here he is... and I am so happy he is there... and time will tell...

He fuels the many smiles that make up my day.

Our dogs seem to get on... the kids (mine, he has none) will come later down the road.

Enough for today. A Saturday filled with Emma and Lauren, perhaps a little mini-golf at Emma's request. Even more sunshiny goodness promised tomorrow. And then a Sunday of relaxation and hand-holding and dogs :)