Sunday, October 17, 2010

Eclectic Eats

My blog has moved (and reinvented itself)...

I hope you get some amusement and a little bit of knowledge as
I muse about food, cooking, coffee, beer, bread making...
it's a journey and a quest... and it's meant to be enjoyed.
Sunday, February 28, 2010

Let's get ready to rumble!

One week until the Hemophilia Foundation of Illinois’ Gala… It has been great (and a little stressful) being part of the planning committee for the first time… none of the executives I work with truly understand how much time is needed to do perform the role correctly (and keep up with everything else)… and HFI says “I done good!”

The feedback I got from people outside the bleeding community was AMAZING… Heaven on Seven, Rosebud, Comedy Shrine, Tasting DeVine Cellars, and many more… but the coolest was I Have A Bean coffee roasters

It was kismet I think that I walked through their door. Went to get freshly roasted coffee… came away with a promise for a meeting to discuss their support of the Gala… and they have surpassed my expectations… amazing!

The coffee is very good and could not get fresher and just as importantly… their mission is admirable and I would recommend you check them out.

Next Saturday will be a LONG day... pedicure... haircut... hotel by noon… have already planned on staying there overnight… so I can run up, shower, (NAP), and change (it’s a black tie shindig) after our set up meeting and getting the auction items laid out… and then being the OCD Control Freak h!gh achiever that I am… have said I would help out at midnight to organize the auction paperwork and pack up… so needless to say… my VP did not bat an eye when I told her I was expensing the room...

It will be a little nerve-wracking as I have to get up and speak to over 400 people about the program I Have A Bean put together and how it will impact HFI… I suppose staying away from the hooch will help (I'll do shots after ;-)
My title at work will be changing… more on that later… umm… talk about anxiety… I will need more than a stress ball on my desk… Punching bag? Xanax? Among other things!!
Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Where does the time go?


I swear I don't know where the time went... Christmas seemed like yesterday!

Not much to say... work is very chaotic... and downtime still seems to involve work... Lucky if I get to see friends every couple weeks...

On a fun eco note... the kids are using a bento style lunch box with an insulated bag for lunches at school. We also send drinks in Sigg bottles. We have had fun thinking outside of the box for ideas... and eliminating almost all of the waste is great.

I am very excited that I have my week sewn up for the Hemophilia Foundation of Illinois' Summer Camp... 1 week... 80-90 kids... me, another nurse and a hematologist in the medical cabin... the doctor tells me we have A/C... looking forward to a great week!
Monday, January 4, 2010

Hey You! Did you forget something??

Day 4 of the new year... and I have already forgotten to bring my cloth bags into the grocery store twice!

I was trying to think of ways to remember... any ideas?

Of course every time I remember I am  already in the checkout lane... "Um, excuse me. Can you wait a few minutes? I'll be right back!" Probably not a good idea... I get irritated when the person in front of me needs a price check on their toe fungus cream shampoo... and that undoubtedly takes less time than running out to ones car.

I mentioned to my local store when I picked up milk tonight that they should put signs in their parking lot to remind us... and on the IN door... or perhaps a blast of air in the face?

We got back from California to a water heater that didn't work and a furnace that decided to follow suit... It's been less than 20 degrees (it was 4 degrees when we got home)... the water coming out of the tap was colder than the water in my fridge! Bet I could have talked The Middlest Bickerson into a shorter shower this morning :)

Bella had been a little reserved since coming back from her week long "sleep-over camp" her boyfriend Mitch's house.... but the minute the plumber and HVAC guy walked into the house... she was by my side and kept her eye on them. I still think she misses Mitch and Brad a little... she's quiet... for her.

Still working on my 100 things... one thing I recently did was buy a pack of  6 dish cloths for wiping up water/spills/etc on counters... I use them instead of paper towels whenever I can... and then just pop them in the laundry (they take up almost no space in the washing machine)...

Don't you wonder how our grandmothers managed without paper towels... I know my gramma always used a damp dish towel and it always smelled clean... like soap. She used to wash out bread bags and reuse them too!

A cool thing my mom did was get some bar/dish towels and tie dye them... I think she should make them in sets as sell them as paper "less" towels!