Monday, December 31, 2007
Happy New Year Everyone!

A nice evening with the girls planned. A few craft projects... some handprint stepping stones, coloring and inspiration stones made with metalic markers...

Cheddar Beer Fondue with smoked sausage, soft pretzels, apples, cherry tomatoes and pickles... not sure about dessert yet...

Lauren is very exicted about the "countdown"...
we'll see how far she gets!

Saturday, December 29, 2007
My new geeky guilty pleasure.

A venti ice water from Starbucks (which they give you free when you ask, it helps take of a little of the sting away when I think about the price of their coffee:)

This is honestly the best filtered water I have tasted in a long time. They must make their ice from it too... they use reverse osmosis filtration.

The first time I asked for water it was really good... and I am not a water kinda gal... it was crisp, bright and no funky flavors. Just really good water. I didn't think much of it. But as I have asked for a water from Starbucks to Starbucks across the Midwest. and in every airport I have been in over the last 4 months (which is SEVERAL)... it is remarkably consistent.

Tastes good and good for you!

Yum... Try some!
Friday, December 21, 2007

Emma wrote this to Santa for Lauren. Ah sisterly love!
Christmas is already upon us... and each year I have hopes of simplifying and not worrying, yet making it a time to remember... not sure what I have accomplished this year... but I am looking forward to sharing time with the girls, watching movies, playing games, laughing and making a nice meal. Not a ton under the tree. I focused on games we could play together (provided I can keep Lauren from losing all the pieces!).
Lot's of travel for work... the driving is hard at times... 4 new tires and new front brakes are nice... and feeling of security I did not have a couple weeks ago in an ice storm driving through Michigan.
I have been finding more podcasts to occupy my brain. My favorites are Morning Stories out of WGBH in Boston and Pseudopod short macabre fiction. What did we even do before MP3 players. I would be lost without one now in the car and running through airports.
The kids finish school today before the break. Looking forward to hopefully being home for a good part of that.
Happy Holidays everyone!