Friday, October 24, 2008
Fun morning... it was VIP day at Emma's Middle School... parents get to shadow the kids through their classes for an abbreviated day (half day for teacher institute day)... Talk other parents... Watch the wacky 6th graders...

Tomorrow Lauren and I will be making her Rubik's Cube costume... truly inspired... costing me about $5 to put together... a far cry from the costume Lauren wanted to buy at $45 all in... and she likes the idea of the cube... bonus!!!

Tonight is Family Game night at church... but the kids have actually said they want to stay home and play games, watch a movie and have Meijer pizza (another frugal idea)... we'll see... they could change their minds a couple times before this evening :)

Going to try and vote early next Wednesday when I get back from a 2.5 day work trip to Michigan... found the Naperville voting location and hours... will be nice to have this chapter finished... but I have no illusions that it will be "over" by any means...


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