Monday, October 20, 2008
Have not really felt like I have anything worthwhile to say lately...

Have been having a really hard time liking all aspects of my job... the long distance travel... the hotel overnights... having a car that really is not in a healthy place to safely do 300 miles to/from a patient is stressful... the isolation of not having an office of co-workers to interact with has been harder than I ever would have imagined... conversely... I love being home most mornings to get the kids on the bus... I am so blessed to be here most afternoons when they get home to see them and help them with homework... it's quite a Catch 22... times are hard... jobs are iffy... and my scope of nursing experience has taken me in a certain direction... to a certain salary... I am praying really hard to appreciate and thank the universe for where I have arrived and where I am going... but again... harder than I thought it would be.

Was a really nice day yesterday, despite having a full blown cold... A good friend and her husband were up from Florida... Kate and James... the girls and I went to church with them... I think they really enjoyed the service, the energy and how comfortable it feels at Community Christian... saying they wished they had a church like ours to go to... made a nice lunch and the girls colored with James while we caught up... and then the kids entertained us with charades... Lauren has a interesting style... funnily enough... Emma got her clues 9 times out of 10! They are more alike and closer than they want to admit... James was downsized and they might be relocating to Kansas... they would be closer then... and say they would be up for holidays more... yeah!

Here is a nice picture of Lauren from a trip to the pumpkin farm with their dad... Kate had mentioned how much Emma looks like me... here Lauren looks just like her fathere when he was a little boy...


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