Monday, January 4, 2010

Hey You! Did you forget something??

Day 4 of the new year... and I have already forgotten to bring my cloth bags into the grocery store twice!

I was trying to think of ways to remember... any ideas?

Of course every time I remember I am  already in the checkout lane... "Um, excuse me. Can you wait a few minutes? I'll be right back!" Probably not a good idea... I get irritated when the person in front of me needs a price check on their toe fungus cream shampoo... and that undoubtedly takes less time than running out to ones car.

I mentioned to my local store when I picked up milk tonight that they should put signs in their parking lot to remind us... and on the IN door... or perhaps a blast of air in the face?

We got back from California to a water heater that didn't work and a furnace that decided to follow suit... It's been less than 20 degrees (it was 4 degrees when we got home)... the water coming out of the tap was colder than the water in my fridge! Bet I could have talked The Middlest Bickerson into a shorter shower this morning :)

Bella had been a little reserved since coming back from her week long "sleep-over camp" her boyfriend Mitch's house.... but the minute the plumber and HVAC guy walked into the house... she was by my side and kept her eye on them. I still think she misses Mitch and Brad a little... she's quiet... for her.

Still working on my 100 things... one thing I recently did was buy a pack of  6 dish cloths for wiping up water/spills/etc on counters... I use them instead of paper towels whenever I can... and then just pop them in the laundry (they take up almost no space in the washing machine)...

Don't you wonder how our grandmothers managed without paper towels... I know my gramma always used a damp dish towel and it always smelled clean... like soap. She used to wash out bread bags and reuse them too!

A cool thing my mom did was get some bar/dish towels and tie dye them... I think she should make them in sets as sell them as paper "less" towels!


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