Sunday, November 4, 2007
I have not posted in awhile. Lots going on. More than I want at times. My infusion pharmacy was closed down. And while I have not blogged on what I do. Suffice it to say. I put a lot of hard work into getting it up and running (as did my partner) but the owners had other ideas on "time lines" for success. Found a per diem position right away, but it has not brought in the hours I had hoped for. And with no severance, I am a little stressed. But trying to be okay with it all, hoping (and praying) that it will work out for the best... closed door... open window and all... and if the per diem parlays into a full time spot, I really think I will enjoy it.

The kids had a fun Halloween. Not as busy as it has been in the past, but good weather. For me it was great. I got to be a room mother for Lauren's first grade party. Something, due to work, I had never been able to do before. I am hoping that I can do that for the girls more often. I enjoyed it.

Daylight savings. Dark by 5:15 tonight. Winter is coming. Time to get into that mindset.

I have been experimenting with mosaics. I have completed 2 pieces and am working on a 3rd. It relaxes me. And I think as I do more, I will feel bolder about trying "new" things with the tiles.

Got a pinch collar, at a friends suggestion, for Bella. And it makes walks much more enjoyable. Although she has some new behaviors now which include practically yodeling when we approach another dog. Eventually she relaxes and will even sit, but without the training collar, she would tear my shoulders up.

Thinking I am going to try a yoga class. I know the kids would love a "calmer" more centered me. And while I think the new job will be great. The driving and traveling might prove to be a little draining. So I will keep you posted on how Bikram Hot Yoga treats me :)


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