Wednesday, November 14, 2007
My first homegrown rose... ever... I planted 3 hybrid rose bushes in the front yard. Early Fall planting. They seem to have acclimated nicely and one bush even had 2 buds on it when it arrived. I had thought with the stress of shipping and replanting that they would just fall off.

Nope... here we are... November 14th... and it is deciding to go for it and bloom. Gorgeous off white petals with a nice pink blush... so excited.

Fingers crossed they weather as predicted through the Winter! And then I can what the other plants will do!

Last weekend I took a yoga class. Bikram Hot style yoga. I felt inept and cumbersome and certainly by no means flexible (my boobs kept getting in the way, along with the rest of my body for that matter)... but I stayed in the 95-100 degree room the entire time and focused as intently as I could through each pose. Looking at yourself in a huge ballet mirror as you are sweating like a pig... it was a little distracting... BUT... I loved it... it was hard... it was hot... it was exhausting... but I felt amazing afterwards... mentally/emotionally... I can eaasily see the addiction... the gnawing insecurity and uncertainty that I am not a lithe willowy pretzel will just have to go the f*ck away!

I then drove to Cincinnati the next day for business... slept in a hotel bed and woke up with a pinched nerve in my back... Drove back to Chicago last night... was achy this morning... but am going to make myself go back to yoga tomorrow... even if I can't do the poses... I can be there... and work on that inner focus and stillness.

Florida Friday for work... back Saturday... My friends Laurie and Fosetine are going to meet me Sunday for yoga.
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