Monday, November 19, 2007
Well the rose has gotten even pinker... I think we are due for a really cold snap... so with that and lack of sunshine I don't think the rose is going to open... but it was nice to see the plants are thriving.

The girls are off from school this week. They will help me cook for Thanksgiving and start making some Christmas gifts... they know with my work changes that we are going to treat the holiday differently... focusing on making things and giving rather than getting.

Small Thanksgiving, but I am looking forward to cooking all the things that remind me of childhood. I know I could get creative and kick it up a notch... but that would not be tradition for me or give my girls a sense of history. Although we are going to make the stuffing in muffin tins this year. That way everyone gets crunchy and moist.

Whirlwind work trip to Jacksonville Florida. I did not even see any of it in daylight. Arrived at 4:30pm Friday and left at 5:00am Saturday morning for the airport. It was a good trip, and I hope the parents I was teaching the infusion pump felt the same.

A little work this week... but for the most part I can spend time with the kids. I have ordered more tiles for my mosaics and the finished products are turning out really well, considering I have not done it before. The hurricane I finished looks beautiful with a candle inside.

Roasting some "clearance" eggplant I got at Meijer yesterday... making some baba ganouj. Emma and Lauren like hummus, so I am hoping they like this.


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