Sunday, February 24, 2008
It's Sunday and we are watching the Red Carpet for the Academy Awards. Have made some fun munchie food for the Oscars as we sipped a California Cabernet: homemade Hummus and pita bought from the Halal market down the street, wild rice and lentil salad, lobster ravioli in lemon garlic olive oil, homemade avocado mayonnaise on steamed asparagus, thinly sliced New York strip, Australian cheddar, and Raspberry Creme Brulee from Trader Joe's

Brad Brulee-ing the Creme on the patio with a welders torch (kids don't try this at home!!)

We got ambitious and rented Michael Clayton...since it has gotten several nods... but it's now 5:30... so probably won't get there tonight... but definitely a must see.

Last night was fun and busy. A belated Valentine's.

The afternoon started Trader Joe’s. For some of the Oscar night snacks. I also got some reusable grocery bags… goal is to remember to bring them whenever grocery shopping anywhere.

Then we headed to The Lantern (a local bar in Naperville) for a beer and popcorn... and a appetizer combo plate… good people watching... a cute waitress/bar tendress that is friendly and perky with everyone... and so sweet everytime we go there... the drinkin’ folks were out early! Latern is fun… a place I think we will enjoy a burger often…

After a while we went for dinner at Meson Sabika for tapas. I have wanting us to go there for some time... but "somebody" felt "tapas" was a little bit of food for lots of money that left you hungry when all was said and done... needless to say we practically rolled out and I think she were conservative... we started with really nice marinated olives, dates wrapped in bacon with red pepper sauce, and patatas con aioli (the most garlicky potato salad ever!!!)... nice small dishes to share... intimate... incredibly attentive staff... then we had an olive tapanade on grilled bread with jamon, manchego cheese and chorizo with a fruit kabob... a tuna cannaloni (which was just OK)... an OMG "Oh so good" beef empanada with a horseradish creme... and the straw that broke the camels back... a seafood cake over grilled eggplant... we waddled away.... sharing a comment with a couple of women walking in as we were walking out that "the last tapas is one too many" because they just taste so good... I think we will be going back some day!

Then we went to Bombay Market. Got some Indian incense and I fell in love with the Ganesha statues. I really want one. He is the elephant god of Success or The Remover of Obstacles. I think I would benefit from having him on my side.

I want to get one and I would rub his belly every day!

After that we and saw Vantage Point. Not the best movie every, but entertaining. He knew I wanted to really see a movie at the theater… not his favorite thing to do… but knows it is one of mine…

We finished the night up at Timpano Chophouse for dessert and coffee. The picture does not do it justice, but really fun. Little cheesecake lollypops on a tree of rose leaves. Cute mini servings of things like raspberry cheesecake and keylime pie. So yummy... and once again... despite little sizes, we were stuffed. I think our waiter was a little cranky we were only doing dessert there, but it was late and nobody else was in line for the table

Sweet and romantic... and a lovely evening spent together!


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