Sunday, February 17, 2008
We have watched some good movies in the last few weeks. The Kingdom and Eastern Promises.
I also recommend The Namesake.

For the first time in awhile I am enjoying reading again. Into The Wild was very upsetting. A young man so idealistic, yet so naive and foolish in his choices. I have not seen the movie yet. But it is supposed to be a very good adaptation. One Dead In Attic also affected me. It is a series of newpaper collumns from New Orleans the 16 months following Katrina. I have a few others on my bedside table, Gang Leader For A Day (which I am reading now) and When Character Was King. Oh yes, Marley And Me was a sweet book about a couple and their impish labrador.


Kate said...

Marely and Me is being made into a movie....

I'm reading The Other Boelyn Girl ( pretty good so far- can;'t wait to see the movie) and Devil in the White City.... so far both excellent choices :)

Miss you... Love you ...

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