Saturday, March 29, 2008
Spring is coming!! The bulbs I planted in the Fall have started to show themselves...

And........ I had started some heirloom tomatoes from seed last week and today saw that I have 3 sprouts... 6 varieties... all heirloom seeds... a multicolor, a green stripe, a purple, a white and 2 reds.

Brad will take some of the plants if they truly take and I am thinking about trying the upside down method to grow them... good thing the kids both like tomatoes... so if we do get some they will eat them... there is nothing better than tomatoes out of the garden... okay... there are a few things... but it is a true Summer pleasure... will be fun for the kids to see what happens... me too!

Will take pics as soon as there is more than a wisp of green to see!


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