Saturday, December 26, 2009


The Bickerson's  The children and I made it to California in one piece (translation: I did not kill them) yesterday. Very long day. But happy to be here with all my girls and mom.

It's unusually mild up here at moms. Yesterday we sat outside and watched the dogs play in the sun. Temps will most likely be upper 50's during the day and 30's in the morning. Kids will be in moms pool as often as they can! Mom has paperwhite narcissus that are just blooming OUTSIDE, but the maples have Fall red leaves.  She also has oranges on her tree... which she says she uses as lemons they are so sour. Her lemon tree gave nothing this year.

It got chilly enough when the sun went down that we ate at the dining room table. I don't think we've done that in all the time mom has owned the house when we have been out to visit! A big salad, crispy thin fries, steak (rare!) and carmelized onions with mushrooms... Oh... and champagne.

And since the kids and I had gotten up at about 2:30am Chicago time... The littlest Bickerson (LB) and I were ready for bed by 8pm Cali time!

Our week will be simple yet fun. Today the kids get to swim in the pool. LB is going to "help" mom change the filter. She is really only helping so she can get in faster!

Fort Bragg on Monday; Dharma Trading,  Lagunitas Brewery tour, and In-N-Out Burger on Tuesday; the girls will tie dye with mom on Wednesday; Thursday I think I am cooking Greek/Meditarranean for a small New Year's Eve get together... menu is still a work in process.


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