Monday, December 21, 2009

Do you remember when?


I was having a moment of nostalgia today... thinking of my Christmas stocking when I was little...

We got oranges (the special ones my grandmother ordered in a box from Florida) and they were the best oranges... and I think I did not appreciate them enough.

My uncle John always brough bars of Hershey's Gold chocolate bars with almonds when they came from Pennsylvania... I got one in my stocking... and my grandmother hid the rest as though they were gold from Fort Knox.  I remember breaking off the first piece... the crunch of the almonds...

Our tree was always a blue spruce... not big, or full, or bushy... not quite a Charlie Brown tree... but I loved sitting by it... the way it smelled...  and going out with my grandfather to cut it down at the back of the field... and the lights were those huge colored bulbs... I swear there where only 12 lights on the tree... but I am sure there were more! As I am sure I would not appreciate it so much if I took part in cleaning up the needles after a few weeks of the dry wood stove heat!

I miss the house on Bear Swamp so much... seconds, minutes and days I wanted to wish away at the time... now I would happily be there again. What a sap I am!


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