Friday, May 18, 2007

Let the Blogging begin...

To Blog or Not to Blog... THAT is the question...

To begin... you must take into consideration that you live a life less ordinary. A life that someone else would want to read about... not so sure about that... but the therapeutic benefits of self expression far outweigh the exhibitionist ones... or do they?

Today in itself was a therapy session... the weather was Heaven sent... and the need to be outside with my skin caressed and warmed by the sun was acute. Each time the weather changes from warm to cold back to warm again... I find myself with renewed cabin fever.

I love to drive with the sun streaming through the sun roof warming my cheeks... music loud and passionate... I am not afraid to sing at the top of my lungs... 4 windows open... fellow commuters be damned! Ryan Shaw is my new musical curiosity... bluesy, sexy, fun.

Was today an ordinary day? Not really... it began with soft stretches and coffee in bed... and 2 dogs bounding through the room and over the bed completely oblivious of size or pain inflicted.

No, the day began well... with a sense of contentment and lasted throughout the day.

There is a new fella in my life... to say more than that at this point to me seems like flirting with disaster. Or how the Native Americans feel about their pictures being taken and stealing their soul... All I can say... is I was not expecting him... yet here he is... and I am so happy he is there... and time will tell...

He fuels the many smiles that make up my day.

Our dogs seem to get on... the kids (mine, he has none) will come later down the road.

Enough for today. A Saturday filled with Emma and Lauren, perhaps a little mini-golf at Emma's request. Even more sunshiny goodness promised tomorrow. And then a Sunday of relaxation and hand-holding and dogs :)


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