Thursday, May 31, 2007
What a strange week. The holiday is throwing me off. I keep forgetting which day of the week we are on. The weather is a little "muggy" and draining. Lauren continues to set off like Marco Polo. She is fearless. And I have had the third of what I am sure will be many "there are bad people out there" talks.... thick-headed stubborn willful thing that she is.... hmmm.... where on Earth does that come from? I wonder... must be her father!

For those of you who have not looked at Emma's site... it is well worth it. That she is only 10 and creatively writing the wonderfully kooky things she does. It is fun and I get a kick out of looking at each new entry. Hers is linked from mine.

Heading out to California to see Brianna and my mother in a week. It has been too long since I have seen my mother and gets no less difficult that Brianna is not here for me to see and talk to every day. She is 18 now. Where has all the time gone? I remember the night I went into labor. I remember several nights before that watching Scarface and damp mopping the floor at 2am. I remember so much and have forgotten much too. Bittersweet.

Brad leaves for Ohio to see his family for a few days. He, too, has not been home in a while. I will miss him but am happy he gets to be surrounded by people who love him (and that he will get to showcase Mitch for the first time). Hopefully the weather will cooperate for safe travel and I will be relieved when he is back home safe and sound. Trying to keep what seems to be allergies from turning into a cold before he leaves. Hoping that is all it is. He dutifully takes the meds I task him with. He is a good man and loves me in all my moody glory (well, I am thinking he would prefer the glory part with no moody, but loves me nonetheless).

A quiet weekend with Bella for me. Her knee is holding it's own. Even with trying to keep up with Mitch in the backyard.


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