Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The view from the top of the mountain is really quite beautiful.

Well... I made it! 40... Day One come and gone... A good friend pointed out to me yesterday though that I have actually begun my 41st year and the fifth decade of life. I believe my tongue and cheek response rhymed with witch...

The girls hopped into bed with me as soon as they woke up... excited to give me cards from them as well as Bella. They were very sweet, calling me the "Birthday Girl"...

The flowers in the picture are part of a gorgeous
arrangement from my very special fella, Brad.
He began my day by calling at 6 in the morning
to sing me Happy Birthday.
Saying he wanted to be the first to sing to me.
And made me smile all day
when he would call and say Happy Birthday
each time he called like it was shiny and new.

The day really did not bother me as much as I thought it would. It was nice hearing from family and friends and knowing I am cared for and connected to so many people.

We all went out for Sushi for dinner and walked along the Riverwalk. The night was mild and soft and I felt so happy and blessed to have such amazing people around me. Dinner was really good, including yummy Yellowtail. The server even brought Emma and Lauren edamame and rice to keep them busy (didn't ask for it, but the girls were not complaining). Lauren proceded to drop soy beans in her miso soup... but she got a kick out of trying to get the tofu... she seriously can't be my child willinging seeking out tofu!

After our walk we went to Ethel's Chocolate Lounge for a decadent chocolate berry cup... a white chocolate bowl with raspberries, blackberries and blueberries covered with milk chocolate. It was not too big and perfect for sharing and feeding each other... and despite not really liking black coffee... it was the perfect companion... Brad helped himself to several truffle samples (when I was not looking), looking like a little boy caught in the cookie jar when I caught him savoring the chocolate! The girls picked their desserts out at the retro candy shop down the street... sugar ... lots and lots of sugar... yet Lauren konked out in the car on the way home!

All and all it was really nice to be able to ease into 40 in such a low key way. I should be okay now until 50 rolls around.

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