Sunday, August 17, 2008
A better post than the last one.

The girls and I went to church today. Community Christian. A friend of mine attends there. She has been trying to get me to go with her for over a year.

My experiences with organized religion:

As a little girl my grandmother and I went to Easter and Christmas services at the small Protestant chuch in her country mountain town. I still know the hymns... they make me smile... but I never felt a connection... a sense of faith or spirituality.

When I was married... I felt that sense of Christian community was missing... we found a little Methodist church... The Blue Haired Brigade was so unwelcoming... so political... so judgemental... but we got involved... Family nights, pot lucks, giving back to the community... and the little old grannies fought long and hard against youth, family and change... I watched them push family after family out... and again... something was missing... all they talked about was money... and bickered about the contempory flavor of the service... they pushed and pushed... and got rid of the pastor they did not like... we followed soon after. Spirtually disillusioned. Sad and empty.

Today was a wonderful service. Full of music, warmth and welcome... The girls had a good experience too. Lauren went to the Second Grade Youth room... took some back rubbing and a few tears... but she loved it. They got to see the pool baptisms up close... They listened to Bible stories... they played...She made a friend... She wants to go back next week.

Emma did not want to go to the Junior High Student Community today (StuCo)... she came to the service with me... she really liked it. She, too, wants to go back and try her room next week...
I felt very emotional listening to the service, the stories, the music... it felt good to be there... it felt like something, someplace that I want to be a part of... maybe even find that sense of faith... who knows...


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