Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Boo and Mimi went to the Dentist yesterday... both did well... however...

Both need some form of Palate Expansion... and Emma will need braces for her overbite (this may have been the other reason I was "crying" during E.T. :)

Mimi was/is a thumb sucker (and you just can't cut off a thumb)... but Boo was a "Paci" girl, and she outgrew it by age 2 (okay, she sucked a hole in it and we had a funeral)... so there did not appear to be a reason for Boo to have a narrow palate as well.

The dentist explained that Chronic Allergy kids are mouth breathers for the most part... and by doing so the tongue is not up against the roof of the mouth (where it is most of the time when the mouth is closed) helping to keep the palate expanded and moving in the right direction...

So... we see the Orthodontist next week... dentist gave me a name in our town, but he really liked the work done by another a couple towns over... so I made an appointment. Will be sure to photo journal all this... you can be sure... not to mention enjoy the lisps from the expanders immensely!!


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