Thursday, August 28, 2008
I always know when Boo is spraying perfume or body spray in the bathroom... and she always thinks I am psychic when I call out that she needs to stay away from said perfume or body spray... Here's how it went tonight...

Me: What do I smell out there?

Boo: I dunno, my farts maybe?

Me: No, I smell perfume!

Boo: I don't know, I swear!

Me: ... And no it's not your farts I smell!

Boo: Well you will now.....

And with that, she ripped one off, giggled and left the room.

Who needs the Democratic National Convention, I ask you!?!?!?!
Although, I'm watching it like a "deer in headlights"... Thought Bill did better than his wife!


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